Here’s the thing about a lot of spinners, they are designed with a lot of inspiration from other spinners; this makes the spinner less interesting, and not unique. The thing about “stylized” spinners are they offer a unique and different style that can complement your attire as an accessory. Today’s review is on a stylized spinner, it’s on Cameron Blair’s RevPunx, Royal Punk spinner. (If you don’t want to read my super long post, you can go to this link here to watch my video review!)

As a stainless steel whore, I picked up the ss version over brass and I’m happy about that. The stainless steel version comes in at a comfortable weight of 78g. It feature massive buttons at 24mm (a little bigger then the outer diameter of a 608 bearing) with a centered indentation. This center indent allows you to balance the spinner on a knife point, pen point etc.

I personally found some wobble in my spinner which made using the center point a little bit scary, but as long as I positioned it properly, no issues. I found the laser etching I the RevPunx logo slightly off centered, but that’s was common between both buttons, so I’m thinking it was intentional.

The design of the spinner is based off of a “royal” theme, hence the namesake. The spinner features 3 circular cut out with a point from the bearing towards the center, then a curved piece on the end. These weight look like they are mimicking a crown like thing. While this spinner is a royal theme, it is also designed for longer spin times. The extra weights on the end are there to give the spinner more outward mass increasing the spinners momentum and inertia, making the spinner a long spinner. I’ve been getting spin times ~5+ mins with two handed table spins.

I find fidgetabillty of the spinner not amazing, but definitely not terrible. The circular weights are position where your fingers want to sit to flick the spinner; and due to the shape of the weights, it’s just not as comfortable as chamfered or rounded ¬†straight edges, or concave edges. The point where the circular weights meets the masses on the end are also very abrupt, but makes a great point to start, catch and reset your spin.


Overall the more time I spend with this spinner, the more I like it. It’s not the worlds most amazing and best spinner, but it is definitely a contender as one of my favorites.