You probably know the owner of Spinetic, Josh. What you didn’t know is that he has a pile of gold coins in his office that he swims in filled with spinner money from all the fidgeters out there.

The new DNA series of fidget spinners will probably let him add a deep end to that pool.

They also raised some pots of gold for charity too. It’s also his 1 year anniversary of designing the X spinner. WOWSA

According to Josh, the DNA line is a super collaboration between the community and Spinetic. They’re trying to have 7+ designers working on a single product line.

What you see pictured are the Refresh X, Refresh Y, and Refresh I fidget spinners designed by Jong Un Ahn and a semi modular ring spinner designed by  Vahit Dincman.

They’ve also contacted Adrian D’souzaAndrew Kluttz, and Ultraspinners who are also working on designs. Our team including Kris O’ConnorEugene TanMarcus Adamson and myself will also be working on a few designs for this line.

That’s a lot of name dropping, but you’ll recognize those names from other big players in the industry.

You can count on them being pretty sexy. Hopefully Josh will send some of these to the review time (hint hint)