We got our first coverage request today from Jason Patison, the creator of Busy Builders. Together with his energetic daughter, Caden, they’ve started a small business. It’s awesome to see younger kids passionate about entrepreneurship.

The product concept is pretty neat. It’s basically a modular fidget cube with 7 different functional attachment options. Jason and his daughter even filed a patent for it 🙂

  • Multi Color Led
  • Ball Bearing Wheel
  • Keychain Ring
  • Dice Buttons
  • Clickers
  • Joystick
  • On/Off Switch

They plan on releasing more add-ons in different series in the future. The pricing is great – a $10 pledge will get you a fully functional fidget block and you’ll be supporting something awesome!

jason patison busy builders

It’s not everyday a younger Brett Favre asks you to review his fidget product. Busy Builders has currently raised $3,100 out of their $10,000 goal.

Seriously Jason, if this Kickstarter doesn’t work out – You’ve got some Wrangler’s jeans commercials in your future.

Best of luck to you and Caden!