The pentagon fidget spinner reminds me of a vault for some reason. Luckily, it’s only $100 so you won’t have to rob anyone to get one. You’ve probably never heard of Kinetics Asia. But…

If you’re a member of The Daily Fidget – you know Hec Farrulla. Our friend Hec has joined Kinetics Asia Pacific to help them up their spinner game. They’ve got a great dude representing them.

This gorgeous hunk of metal weighs almost half a pound in brass. That’s 8 ounces for you math impaired fidgeters out there.

You’re not going to EDC this bad boy unless you’re an NBA player or Hodor from Game of Thrones. Remember: giants need fidget spinners as well.

If you’re a normal size human, the titanium models weigh 90 grams. Surprisingly, it’s not that large of a spinner. The spinning diameter clocks in at 62 mm, which is slightly larger than most full size fidget spinners.

A generic plastic tri spinner is 70mm for reference.

Kinetics uses a plated design allow you to interchange the different materials.

The super oversized buttons will cut down on finger fatigue. If they decide to send us one to review, it’ll definitely have a spot on my desk. The only danger is that I rage throw it like a discus at my monitor.

It seems like they’re doing limited runs currently around 20 units. I couldn’t find their website, but you can contact Hec Farrulla directly to purchase one. Hopefully, they’ll get one up soon to make the ordering process a little bit easier. We’ll keep you posted here when we have an official review available.

From: Kinetics Asia Pacific
Price: $100
Bearing: Hybrid Ceramic 608
Fidget Spinner Type: Pentagon Spinner
Materials: Brass, Stainless Steel/Brass, and Titanium

Pentagon Fidget Spinner Specifications:
Claimed Spin Times: Around 5 minutes
Weight: 90-232 grams
Spinning Diameter: 62 mm
Thickness: 20 mm