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You want to keep up date on the newest fidget spinner releases – but it’s a tough task currently.

We saw the need to create a single source to keep everyone up to date on the latest fidget spinner news, drops, new releases, and discounts.

We can promise you unbiased reviews and daily updates for the rest of 2017.

Spinner Talk is meant to be a site you visit everyday so you don’t miss a thing.

Fidget Spinner Review Team:

Jenny W.

This Texan native is super passionate and involved in the fidget spinner community. You’ll constantly see her helping out newbies and encouraging makers to keep on innovating in Spin Space and The Daily Fidget.

Charles H.

Our resident anodizer and recent high school graduate – they grow up so fast! Charles tells it like it is and will be providing awesome guides on how you can customize your fidget spinners and doing reviews.

He’s also the only Canadian on earth who dislikes hockey.

Trent J.

See the awesome Spinner Talk logo? Yup. That’s him. He’s also from the most beautiful country on earth imo (Australia). His expertise on design will be a valuable addition to the review team.

Trent can answer the long sought after question: Do fidget spinners spin backwards in Australia?

New Releases & Articles

Max Salientes

I’m the founder Spinner Box and Stealth Spinners. As a maker, it’s my job to stay informed on all the latest releases in the community. This makes updating the site with the latest fidget spinner news fairly easy.

By putting together a 3rd party team of reviewers, we can make sure all reviews on the site are unbiased.

I’ll be coordinating with other fidget spinner companies to provide you with content, giveaways, and contests.

If you’re looking to have the team review your product, want to host a contest, or have a new design, email me and we’ll get it sorted.